Getting to Braddan Bridge House

Once you get off the ferry at the Isle of Man Sea Terminal you need to find the TT course. It's best to ask a local or drive due west. getting a Taxi is always the best option.

Visitors should follow signs to Peel or the TT course. This will take you out of Douglas (past McDonalds Restaurant and the Fire Station on the left) and you come to a double mini-roundabout. Go straight on (west) here - you are now on the TT course!

You can now refer to the map on the left: Braddan Bridge House is at the end of this first straight - you can see it over the fence at the next roundabout - but you need to take the right-hand road and go up towards the school. Before the school, on the left, is a road which leads into an estate called the River Walk Estate - take this ( it only goes one way ) and follow it back on yourself until you come to the JDF House just before the bridge. It is the only red house and is well signposted.

Route from Douglas Sea Terminal to Braddan Bridge House

Locate of Bradan Bridge House