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Is there Oxygen available ?

Yes. We have Oxygen onsite. The staff should really be made aware of special requirements prior to a visit to ensure we have set it up before you arrive

Are there Extenable Beds available ?

All our beds can be extended for taller guests. we also provide air mattresses where required.

Are there Community Nurses on hand?

Community Nursing contacts are best made by the guest prior to the stay. Please contact the local IOM DHSS Community Nursing Team on +44 1624 642560 at arrange availability and make them aware of requirements.

Is there on-site car parking ?

Yes however space is limited on busy days for larger People-carrier style vehicles.

What are the times for check-in / out ?

We would ask you please follow a specific protocol for check in and out so we can best facilitate your stay.

the JDF Office open Mon-Fri but we are a team of volunteers and it is not permanently manned. When you arrive on the Isle of Man, either at the Seaport or the Airport, we would ask you to come directly to the JDF office. The staff will be expecting you at a rough time between 0930 and 1430 (taking into consideration delays in transport which the JDF staff will be aware of) and will be waiting for you to arrive. There is then a meet-and-greet session and an orientation of the facilities etc..

If this window is not available for you for any reason please forward contact the JDF so we cn arrange our staff to be available on your arrival.

Check out time is normally before 1000 but we can always adjust based on your schedule. The meet-and-greet session can be used to arrange this.

Will my Sat-Nav / Mobile phone work on the Isle of Man ?

Yes in 95% of cases although some providers / navigation systems will not. Please call ahead or look on your manufacturers web forums if you need more specific details. The Isle of Man is not large so an old school map will usually suffice and pay-as-you-go mobie phones with a minimum £5 credit can be purchased from most service stations.