JDF 2024 Tombola Tickets now on sale...

Sun, 24 Mar 2024

Joey Dunlop Foundation Tombola Tickets for 2024 are now available at our events and we are very pleased to have Victory Cafe and IOM Trike Tours onboard supporting the Charity again. 

The gambling licence the Foundation holds prevents us from selling tickets online but you can get them from the Victory Cafe and from IOM Trike Tours. Barry Steels will be at his usual UK shows throughout the year, Stafford and Scarborough as well as a few other smaller events such as the bike nights etc. JDF will also have Darin & Rob at Classic Bike Track Days supporting us for another year! 

As always, Peter Murray will be looking after the JDF by offering us the usual spot at Murrays Museum, Santon during the TT & MGP. 

We look forward to seeing you all throughout 2024, the first IOM event for us will be the Ramsey Motorcycle Show and the JDF team are planning our trip to the NW200 which is only a couple of months away. 

Big thank you to everyone else who is supporting the JDF, there are lots of fundraising efforts happening with news on those to follow soon....