4 loyal supporters & Trusts donate a total of £11,000.00 to JDF...

Mon, 19 Feb 2024

The Joey Dunlop Foundation has enjoyed a fantastic start to 2024 with the following sizable donations received;

Peel Charity Shop - £5,000.00

Gough Ritchie Charitable Trust - £5,000.00

Arland Usher Trust - £500.00

Goat Competitions NI - £500.00 (Big thank you to Julie Morton who has supported the Foundation once more and also helped 5 other Charities as well as JDF)

The funds have gone towards the purchase of 5 luxury sofa beds which are due to arrive in the next few weeks and will benefit the many guests who are due to stay at Braddan Bridge House this year and for years to come!

The Foundation has also spent over £6,000.00 on refurbishing one of the wet rooms in January this year. 

Thank you for everyone's support and we hope to continue with our fundraising so that we can continue to improve the facilities and maintain the equipment that is invaluable to the disabled guest who stay with us at Braddan Bridge House.