Bookings and Fundraising events all cancelled due to Coronavirus

Sat, 21 Mar 2020

All guest bookings and fundraising events are all cancelled due to Coronavirus. 

The JDF has unfortunately had all holiday bookings at Braddan Bridge House cancelled due to the coronavirus and all of our main fundraising events also cancelled so it will be a very quiet year for us in 2020. We do have some guests already with us at Braddan Bridge House and once they leave we may be assisting the Department of Health as our facilities may be needed so that they can free up some rooms for others at the hospital or care homes etc.

The Charity will be able to sit this year out ok as we do have great support from many people and organisations. JDF are always improving the facilities at Braddan Bridge House and we will be looking forward to getting back to normal once this global crisis is over.

Our 2020 Tombola may have to be put on hold for this year and run again with the same prizes for 2021. JDF are discussing this with the islands Gambling Supervision Commission and should we decide to take this action we will be contacting everyone who has bought tickets so far in 2020.

Thank you all for your continued support and please stay safe so we can see you all when things are back to normal.